Official Press Release of Candidacy
Republican Candidate for District 14

EAGLE, ID February 20, 2018—Natalie Feuerstein, an Eagle resident and member of the Republican Party has announced she is running for Idaho Senate District 14 in North Ada county.

“I am running in this election to provide a voice for those who understand the importance of defending our individual liberties that are protected by our Constitution. North Ada county has young, hard-working families that are living and pursuing the American dream. I want to help preserve that for today’s and tomorrow’s generation.”

Natalie’s message is simple, “A legislators primary responsibility is to ensure government doesn’t get in the way of citizen rights, we can do that by focusing on the following:”

Individual Liberties

Low Taxes and Balanced Budgets

Parental Rights

First Responders, Service Members, and Veterans

Responsible Growth

School Choice and Localized Education

Public Lands and Parks

“I want people to know there is someone who has the energy and stamina to go the distance for the residents of North Ada in District 14 and for all of Idaho. I have invested my life in service to our country and I intend to continue.”

“I encourage people to go to the website to see where I stand and how my experiences as a paratrooper in the Army, a technical lead for a world-class software development company, and a proud mom shape my dedication to our community, our state, and our country. We need someone with the capability to stand up and fight for our rights, and our future.”

The campaign has a website,, Facebook page,, and Instagram account, @natalieforidaho.


About Natalie Feuerstein—Natalie is a national security professional with a background and education in intelligence studies. She currently leads a research and development team for one of the country’s largest privately owned software companies. Natalie is a veteran of the US Army 82nd Airborne Division and was deployed in support of OEF VI and OIF V. Natalie and her husband, Rob, met in Baghdad, Iraq. Rob is a former Marine and is currently a technical consultant supporting federal law enforcement. Together, they have four children, three of which attend elementary school in Eagle. After living throughout the world supporting national security, Natalie and family chose to make Idaho their home. Idaho embodies all that America can and should be, and Natalie will continue to fight to ensure personal liberties are held in the highest regard while serving as State Senator for the 14th District in North Ada County.



Rob Feuerstein — Campaign Manager — 208-350-6961 (call only)

Natalie Feuerstein — Candidate — 208-718-1420 (call and text)


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