Natalie is a national security professional with a background and education in Intelligence Studies. She currently leads a research and development team for one of the country’s largest privately owned software companies. Natalie is a veteran of the US Army 82nd Airborne Division and was deployed in support of OEF VI and OIF V. Natalie and her husband, Rob, met in Baghdad, Iraq. Rob is a former Marine and is currently a technical consultant supporting federal law enforcement. Together, they have four children, three of which attend elementary school in Eagle. After living throughout the world supporting national security, Natalie and family chose to make Idaho their home. Idaho embodies all that America can and should be, and Natalie will continue to fight to ensure personal liberties are held in the highest regard while serving as State Senator for the 14th District in North Ada County.


Natalie grew up in a rural community in Southern Oregon. Her parents worked hard to overcome financial hardships and instilled in her a robust work ethic and a belief that with a strong faith in the Lord and hard work anything can be accomplished. As a young child, she played T-ball in jeans, raised and auctioned livestock in 4-H, and spent many summers at the YMCA day camp and the Boys & Girls Club. Natalie had a single younger brother until the 4th grade when her parent’s opened their home to foster children. Over the years, Natalie personally got to do life with over 60 children from broken and hurting families. She saw first hand the devastating effects of drugs and untreated mental illness and the redemption that occurs when children believe they are worthy of love.

Natalie was a senior in high school, prepared to pursue a degree in Political Science, when she and the rest of the world were brought to their knees on September 11th, 2001. She watched as the second plane hit the tower and knew at that moment that it was an act of war.

Soldier and Intelligence Professional

Hearing the call to serve, Natalie marched into the local recruiting offices and joined the United States Army as an Intelligence Analyst. Natalie had the pleasure of serving with some of the finest men and women in our country as a flight crew member in South Korea aboard a DHC-7 Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL) multi- mission aircraft, a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne ACE (Analytical Control Element), the 313th Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion, and deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF VI) with Combined Task Force Devil, Regional Command – East (RC-E) in Afghanistan.

In 2006, Natalie deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF V) as a civilian contractor teaching soldiers how to use the Joint Intelligence Operating Capability – Iraq (JIOC-I) that was later designated as the Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A) while she was in country. It was here, in Baghdad, that Natalie met her husband, Rob Feuerstein. He invited her to go for a run around the base, but as he’s 6’5″ and a good foot taller than her, she kindly declined and they grabbed tea at Green Beans instead.

Family Life

Rob and Natalie Feuerstein have been married 10 years and together have 4 children: Hudson, 12; Briana, 9; Logan, 7; and Ryker, 6. Three of the children attend elementary school in Eagle and enjoy playing sports with Upward and Optimist Youth. The Feuerstein’s attend Rock Harbor church in Meridian and look forward to weekly life group when they get to fellowship with friends and dig into the Lord’s word. When they’re not running kids around between events or doing chores, they enjoy camping all over Idaho and exploring the outdoors. One of their favorite activities to do as a family is to pack a picnic lunch and go plinking in the woods.

Career Success

For over a decade, Natalie has contributed to the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software, Esri’s ArcGIS, in several technical roles, most recently as the lead for Defense Solutions. In every role, she has been a user advocate for the ground forces and intelligence professionals who operate in disconnected, intermittent, limited-bandwidth (DIL) environments. Natalie’s favorite part of her job is when her customer’s are able to leverage her team’s work to support their missions with more accuracy and efficiency in order to keep American’s safe both at home and abroad.